Newly hired maid caught attempting to flee with employer’s 4 million naira worth of jewelry collection

A Nigerian family has stumbled upon a chilling plot involving their 23-year-old newly hired housemaid, who had tried to make off with a jewelry collection valued at 4 millions of naira, exposing her ties to a dangerous criminal organization.

The Twitter user with the handle @Ekwulu shared this harrowing tale, recounting the events that unfolded within their household.

Newly hired maid caught attempting to flee with employer's 4 million naira jewelry collection
A photo of the 23-year-old housemaid. Photo credit: @ Source: Twitter.

The family had hired Happy Yahuda, a 23-year-old woman from Zango-Kataf in Kaduna state, approximately one month ago.

Initially, things appeared ordinary, and Happy seemed amiable, particularly in her interactions with the family’s young children.

However, their seemingly innocuous housemaid was harboring dark intentions.

The family, comprised of working parents, employed Happy primarily as a caregiver for their children during the school holiday.

She was meant to accompany the children and tend to their needs under the supervision of the mother.

Unbeknownst to the family, this arrangement was about to take a sinister turn.

The unsettling saga began when Happy abruptly announced her intention to quit her job after just one month of employment, demanding her first month’s salary immediately.

The family, accustomed to their standard employment practices, decided to inspect her belongings before permitting her departure.

What they discovered sent shockwaves through the household.

Happy’s bag was found to be suspiciously bulging, considering that she had arrived with only four dresses.

To their horror, they unearthed half of the family’s entire jewelry collection, including wedding and engagement rings, pure gold items, expensive gemstones, and more.

It was a shocking revelation that raised immediate concerns.

Upon contacting the family’s father, who was away on a business trip, they decided to confront Happy with their discovery.

What followed was a terrifying confession that exposed the extent of Happy’s involvement with a malevolent criminal syndicate.

Happy admitted that she had been sent on a mission by this sinister gang, tasked with infiltrating households to steal valuable items.

She revealed that the gang had endowed her with supernatural charms, instructing her to sprinkle sand outside the targeted homes, thereby causing temporary amnesia in the occupants.

This amnesia was meant to facilitate her thefts without detection.

Perhaps the most disturbing revelation came when Happy produced a small, knotted black cloth containing a malleable red substance.

It was intended for use in a potential human sacrifice. The family, stunned and horrified, acted quickly, pouring anointing oil on the substance, which emitted an eerie stench before turning yellow and eventually black.

The shocking confession continued, as Happy disclosed that she had been enticed by the gang in April 2023, promising wealth through magical means.

However, the riches remained elusive until she carried out her first theft.

Her mission was accomplished, prompting pressure from the gang to leave her current employment.

The family, though shocked and traumatized by these revelations, decided not to involve the police due to previous negative experiences with the criminal justice system, where the culprits often escaped justice.

Instead, they chose to publicly expose Happy’s actions to prevent other families from falling victim to similar schemes.

The estimated value of the stolen items was approximately four million Naira.

The family subsequently wiped Happy’s phone clean, making it difficult for the criminal organization to reach her.

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