New mom narrates how her mother-in-law stopped her husband from being with her in delivery room

A new mom has narrated how her mother-in-law stopped her husband from being with her in the delivery room.

Sharing her story on social media, the lady who pleaded anonymity said,

“I gave birth to my baby boy months ago, but my mother-in-law did something weird during his delivery.

When it was time for me to deliver, she insisted that she must be the only person to follow me to the delivery room and not my husband.

She has been saying this since. How she would not allow my husband go into delivery room with me, but I thought it was all bluffing.

I was wondering why this woman would stop my own husband from being with me at a time when I need him the most in my life.

Fast forward to my delivery day, the doctor’s asked my husband to come in and she fled up from no where, blocked the door and said he’s going no where. She said she would only be the one to join me.

I was in pains and all I wanted was to deliver my baby, so I just asked them to allow her while my own husband stayed outside.

She came into the delivery room and that was when I got so terrified after I found out what this woman always had in mind. Her son who is now my husband was born years ago, and during his birth, her husband was in the delivery room with her and could not withstand the process.

After I gave birth, she began to open up to me about how her husband couldn’t touch her for almost two years and she didn’t want it to happen to her son. Nobody knew about it as she kept it a secret till she finally decided to open up to me. We are great family now anyway”.

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