Nedu Wazobia on why real men should never allow their partners have ‘bestie’

Popular OAP, Nedu Wazobia gives his reasons as he opines that a real man should never allow his wife have a male bestie.

He said this while dishing out advice to men who are in a relationship or thinking of getting into one.

nedu wazobia men bestie
Nedu Wazobia.

According to the Nedu Wazobia, real men should never allow their partners to have any male bestie. He noted that he has his reasons for saying so and all men should take note on that.

He added that another attribute of a real man is that he doesn’t fight his fellow man because of a woman. Here, he opined that who the man should have issues with should be his partner, and not the other man.

Reactions have followed …

seun_dreams remarked: “Allowing your wife too many female friends sef is even an issue 🀷🏾”

iam.prestige_ said: “If you be real woman, never in your life allow your man to get female besties. πŸ˜’βš οΈ”

kelvin_kertz penned: “Nedu is speaking most especially from his experience, don’t think you’re too special that it won’t happen to you.”

obongofcalabar penned: “This message is for men, but the people having contrary and downplaying comments are women. It only proves that he’s right.”

westmount_consulting commented: “Your Husband should be your male Bestie and your wife your female Bestie πŸ“Œ”

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