“Natural hair is not selling market” — Female preacher tells young ladies seeking husband

A female preacher has caused quite a controversy after a video of her teaching young ladies how to find a husband surfaces online.

The beautiful female preacher who was teaching at the Ignite conference, emphasized the importance of women being friendly.

According to her, a lot of women are unfriendly, always frowning which she believes is the reason they are yet to get married.

She pressured ladies to get more wigs, stating natural hair doesn’t sell, at least not until you get married. The preacher advised women to draw their brows, dress classy and use lipgloss.

“Natural hair is not selling market” — Female preacher tells young ladies seeking husband
The Female Preacher at the Ignite conference.

While she knows prayer meetings are important, she advises unmarried young ladies to focus on going out to meet people and not just prioritize prayer meetings everytime.

See some reactions:

@Uyoyoghene_ said: What then happens to people that cannot afford human hair? You can look good with natural hair. You can look clean if you dress classy, smell good, light make up and carry yourself well. And yes there should be a balance. Prayer is never too much but you also need a social life.

@Beautiranye said: This is the problem with not teaching from the Bible and allowing your own mind to talk.

@DavymartinCE0 wrote: I don’t agree with some of her message . Teaching single girls how to be fake??? So when she enters she should stop looking good for her husband??

@adeoyesoniregun said: I don’t think that the message is properly delivered. As a single woman, you need to be friendly, available, and accessible. Also, invest in personal grooming. Overall, look for potential partners in the right places and don’t be desperate.

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