Native doctor calls police to arrest man who brought his daughter to him for money ritual [Video]

A Ghanaian man’s ugly intention boomeranged after a herbalist identified as Nana Adu-Boafo exposed his deeds.

The man had taken his daughter to the native doctor in a bid to use her for money ritual, but Adu-Boafo ironically betrayed him and called the police.

Adu-Boafo who shared the story on his Facebook page revealed that he secretly called the Ghanaian police to get the man arrested because his motive didn’t sit well with him.

A video he shared online shows the moment the embattled man was handcuffed and the girl was assured of her safety.

The native doctor said that the girl’s father claimed to have returned from abroad and fell into financial difficulty.

Narrating the incident, the herbalist said: “For the love of money, this man brought his own daughter to me as a traditional herbalist to kill this girl in exchange of money rituals for him.

“I surprised him by inviting the Police for him. Next time, he won’t dare a Traditional Herbalist who is a Military man and a Chief.”

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