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Nancy Isime reveals why mothers and women naturally gravitate towards her

Nollywood actress and TV host, Nancy Isime in a recent statement, remembered her late mom, who has been playing active roles in her life despite being late.

According to Nancy Isime, she revealed that her mother might be late, but she takes an active part in her life through the woman around her.

The talented TV host revealed her late mother is the reason mothers and women naturally gravitate towards her.

She wrote, “To be honest, I really wanted my mum to see me in this outfit on Saturday.
However, I felt her presence so strongly on this day while getting ready.
The women in my team were extra careful and lovey dovey while we got ready.
Aunty @bimpeonakoya wouldn’t leave my face alone😅, @medlinboss randomly kisses me and tells me she loves me, @alex_unusual shows up at my front door saying she’s here to help, @famen_wini just wouldn’t leave me and my okuku alone😅, @mofebamuyiwa dropped camera and started helping with my beads.
My house was filled with people, ready to help and gas me up😄
I had to wear shoe and escape from the house, if not, I for host the Finale show for my house😅

Whilst all these was going on, I kept saying in my head… Okay mummy, it’s okay, I’m fine😄

She definitely has her ways.

This is why I’m not surprised that Mothers/women naturally gravitate towards me, majority of the people in my life/circle are women – good women who speak highly of me in front of and behind my back, a good percentage of my fan base happens to be women- young, middle age and old.
I’ve been stopped countless times by mothers/Aunties who take their time to bless me, encourage me and most times use these words “I’m proud of you, weldone”.

My mum might have physically left me years ago but she’s made sure she’s fully represented here on earth.

If wishes were horses, she’ll be beside me every step of the way but she’s doing such an amazing job as my guardian Angel so I’m content.

It’s also reassured me that If/When i do get married, I won’t for a minute miss her physical presence, as she’ll be fully present, through others.
I just won’t wear this Okuku again abeg 😩
You people should photoshop all the pictures I’ve been posting since Saturday with the man’s picture.
Na my lowcut I go blow enter that hall, nothing dey happen!😅”


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