Naira makes ₦17 gain against dollar

As of today, Tuesday, May 21, 2024, the exchange rate for the Nigerian Naira stands at ₦1,485.544 to 1 US Dollar at the parallel market, also known as the black market.

This information has been provided by Naira rate’s Official X handle on Tuesday.

Naira makes ₦17 gain against dollar

The black market rate represents the value at which people can exchange their dollars for Naira outside of the official or regulated exchange channels.

It is an alternative market where individuals can trade currencies based on supply and demand dynamics. This rate is often influenced by various factors, including economic conditions and market forces.

Note that the Black Market Exchange rate is typically higher than the official exchange rate because it is not regulated by the government.

Today, May 21 exchange, shows that naira made ₦17 gain against dollar compared to yesterday when naira exchanged  ₦1,502.141 to $1.

The value of any nation’s currency is determined by aggregate supply and demand.

The forces of Supply and demand are themselves influenced by a number of factors, including interest rates, inflation, capital flow, and money supply.

The most common method to value currency is through exchange rates. The two main exchange rate systems are fixed rate and floating rate systems.

Investors and participants closely monitor these parallel market rates for a more immediate reflection of currency dynamics.

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