“Na so una dey do for here” – Reactions trail as man leaks chat with popular influencer

A Nigerian man sparked an online frenzy after leaking a chat he received from a prominent Ilorin-based influencer.

He had requested the lady for her phone number, only to receive a startling response.

In his message to the influencer, the man known on Twitter as @_Emdeen emphasized his desire to gain her WhatsApp number in order to continue their chat.

However, the influencer answered, much to his astonishment, by indicating that he would need to pay the “number bills” before she would reveal her contact information. The man, taken aback by the influencer’s request for payment, posted screenshots of their chat on social media.

"Na so una dey do for here" - Reactions trail as man leaks chat with popular influencer
Man leaks chat with popular influencer. Photo source: Shutter

He voiced his amazement at the circumstance and questioned whether this was a usual practice in the caption that accompanied the screenshots.

He wrote; “Texted one female influencer on this app and I was crazy. She say make a pay money before she give me her number. Na so una dey do for here?”

Following the post from the man, social media users reacted to the post.

@MahrexOwl said: “Lmao I fit guess the Influencer accurately sha.”

@kingdubie_ “When asking for a number online don’t make these mistakes Can I have your number? X Pls give me your number. X PIs let me have your number X Can we talk on WhatsApp? X. Dm me on WhatsApp 080XXXXXXX. What’s your WhatsApp number O. Don’t ask for permission. It puts you low in her eyes (she would be unconscious of this) You may say, but I have taken numbers this way. I would ask you, how did everything later end up? The foundation matters!!” 

@UG reacted: “Are you going to drop the name of this olosho or what? We all know that’s what 80% of them do.”

@iamroeking commented: “She dey ment. You no suppose cover name.”

@McNairMill reacted: “No be that Dami girl wey dey gboa be this.”

@kisiithefoodie said: “Baba say na “hold block” 


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