“Na plane I sabi fly, I no sabi blow grammar” – Air Peace pilot thrills passengers with sweet pidgin

Netizens have been left greatly impressed with a Nigerian pilot known as Calistus over his manner of speaking during a flight.

It is the conventional practice for pilots to speak fluent English to passengers during flight.

However, the pilot chose to pass his information to them using pidgin English in a way that entertained many and brought laughter and calm.

The popular Nollywood actor, Seun Akindele was also spotted aboard the flight.

"Na plane I sabi fly, I no sabi blow grammar" – Air Peace pilot thrills passengers with sweet pidgin
Calistus, Air Peace pilot.

One netizen who was aboard the flight wrote:

“This happened on my flight from Asaba – Lagos Airpeace and yes the voice you are listening to is the Pilot’s …. We were shocked and entertained as well @seunakindeleofficial had to capture the moment. “Kudos to Pilot Calistus, he’s a vibe.” “Na plane I sabi fly, I no sabi blow grammar, Calistus hilariously informed the passengers before take off.”

See the post below:

More netizens have expressed praise for the pilot:

A1 COOL said: “Correct, no be all those ones wey go dey speak English wey dey make person feel like say plane won crash.”

Charles Igboanugo said: “This pilot funny die, I followed him from Abuja to Enugu. We laugh tire that day.”

Onyi Immaculate said: “Omo we need this kind talk for departure hall.”

Ritagold Williams said: “This life is not dat hard and serious as most people make it seems, a little joke, play, touch body makes life beautiful and easygoing. Calistus mad vibes u got wow oh well done.”

Ebigbeyi Victoria John said: “Na so e suppose be no be those ones wey dey make person almost miss flight becos of borrowed phonetics.”

Queen Regina Chima said: “I thought I was the only one that has witnessed this pilot joke. “Very funny young guy.”