“N100m or nothing” – Bandits threaten to marry abducted bride, sell 55 female wedding guests after kidnapping them in wedding convoy

Armed bandits have kidnapped 55 wedding guests, including women accompanying a newlywed bride, in the Sabuwa area of Katsina State.

The bandit intercepted the convoy last Thursday, targeting an open van carrying the bride and her companions.

Sources reveal that the armed attackers, believed to be responsible for the abduction, have already killed at least four members of a vigilante group that attempted to intervene and rescue the victims during the assault.

The bride and her party have been held hostage since the incident occurred.

Disturbingly, the bandits, who are demanding a hefty N100 million ransom, have now escalated their threats.

In a video circulating on social media, the heavily armed men, one of whom wore a police uniform, can be seen threatening to sell the abducted women if the ransom is not paid promptly.

The alleged gang leader asserted his responsibility for the abduction and declared that nobody could rescue the women without meeting their ransom demands.

“I am the one who abducted them, and I will never release them until ransom is paid. And if there is anyone who thinks they could rescue them, they should try it,” the apparent leader said in the video.

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