“My wife is getting annoyed” – Baker sad as client rubbishes 5 hours cake design

An African baker expresses pain as she shares the heartbreaking feedback from a client who berated the 5 hours spent designing their cake.

A video making the rounds on social media showcased a baker’s hard work that went unappreciated by her client.

"My wife is getting annoyed" - Baker sad as client rubbishes 5-hours cake dasign

The baker @flourshowercakes on TikTok presented the cake that took her five hours to decorate, only to receive a complaint from the client upon seeing it.

She disclosed that her client requested a logo change after viewing the video she sent him. The client explained that his wife refused to approve of the logo on the cake and requested for it to be changed to match her preferences.

Reactions as client rubbishes cake after baker had spent 5 hours

Jummy’s cakery added: “I dey find the logo 😂😂shey na topper we dey talk about.”

Ñønsø stated: “She wan eat the logo ?? No be something she go throw away? Abi she wan sell am?”

HloniCharmaine noted: “The cake is stunning though 😭😭♥️😂she is s a dramatic wife.”

__annettah said: “One thing with some customers is that they don’t know what is fine honestly, u will try ur best to make something very unique and beautiful for them.”

excelcakes reacted: “I sent pictures or post after delivery, I hate been sad, but this cake is so beautiful and neat.”

DkQueen2517 said: “If not for business, I’ll just send the cake without logo, let the wife add her logo, logo family.”

Esty’s cakes ñ treats said: “Hmm I stopped sending pictures before delivery oo cos of all this.”

Wyan Collection reacted; “My friend you will have to change your wife.” 

Temmy K opined: “Women get wahala! This cake is super gorgeous, neatly designed and very catchy. What does he mean by, “Change the logo, my wife is getting annoyed?”😒

Watch the video below …


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