“My parents are not aware” – 400 level law student changes course to fishery

Ozioko Camilla, a 400 level university student, has revealed her surprising decision to change her course from law to fishery.

Camilla explained in the video that she made this choice because she found fishery to be less stressful. She confidently asserted that there should be no problem with her decision, as she will still graduate in the end.

The caption on the video indicated that Camilla’s parents were unaware of her decision to switch courses, as they had expected her to graduate as a lawyer.

Camilla’s bold move has sparked intrigue and admiration among viewers who are fascinated by her ability to alter her path without fearing repercussions from her parents.

Ozioko Camilla’s TikTok video has garnered significant attention and inspired discussions about following one’s passions.

Her decision to change her course from law to fishery serves as a reminder that personal happiness and fulfillment should be prioritized when making important life choices.

Watch the video below:


At least im still going to be a graduate💁🏽‍♀️ #fyp #explore #bazeuniversity

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