“My landlord wants to have an affair with me and I won’t pay house rent” – Lady cries out, seeks advice

A Twitter user named Ella shared an update about her current circumstances on her Twitter page.

According to her post, Ella disclosed that she resides in a rented apartment but is currently encountering difficulties with her landlord, leaving her uncertain about how to handle the situation.

In her statement, Ella revealed that her landlord has explicitly expressed his desire to engage in a romantic relationship with her in exchange for waiving her house rent.

She expressed her distress by stating, “My landlord wants to be having an affair with me in place of paying my house rent.”

Upon reading her message, several of Ella’s followers took to the comments section to provide advice and support.

See some reactions below:

Tommy: “If you’re confused, it means you’re actually considering it, and if you’re considering it, it means your rent is very expensive and you can’t really afford it without help from someone. If you’re single, you’re free to accept.”

Jason: “Set-up. Omo na to find way arrange with your friend make Dem look for another apartment for you make you kukuma run from that place.”

Eluyemi: “You’ve got to let him know you ain’t doing it, unless you wants him too in case of your rent dues. But trust me it’s gon’ make no sense if you try that with him.”

Prince: “Do what makes you happy. If we advice you not to do it and is what make you happy is just like we are telling you not to be happy. My dear do what makes you happy.”

Popstar: “If your rent is 500k that’s 500k divide by 52 weeks which is N9,615. It means he’s paying you N9,615 to be sleeping with you per week. It’s your choice though if that’s what you want.” 

Olayemi: “If you eventually give in, please tell him to give you the rent receipt duly signed by him because he could leave you for another alluring tenant, and he fit change am for you.”