“My husband wants me to come back to Nigeria and take care of his sick mother who maltreated me” – Germany-based lady vents (Video)

A Germany-based lady rants after her husband asked her to return to Nigeria to take care of her sick mother-in-law for two months.

The lady who was evidently upset with her husband’s decision took to social media to vent.

She alleged that her mother-in-law has two daughters in Nigeria, yet she’s the one her husband chose to go because she’s not working in Germany.

The distraught lady lamented saying that she’s currently attending language school and wouldn’t want to leave it as well as her kids alone in Germany.


She continued by revealing that, before she joined her husband in Germany, she and her mother-in-law had stayed together for months and they were always at odds over one thing or the other.

Watch the video below:

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