“My head is rotting away, I used my brain for money rituals” – Nigerian man cries out

A Nigerian man has come forward with a chilling confession, revealing how he sacrificed his brain in a money ritual to amass wealth.

The shocking disclosure was made in a conversation with Twitter gym enthusiast Oku.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, revealed that he is now living with the adverse effects of his decision.

His head is reportedly in a state of decay, compelling him to wear a cap for the rest of his life to conceal the horrifying consequences of the ritual sacrifice.

Despite the physical toll on his appearance, the man asserted that the wealth gained from the ritual was worth the sacrifice.

According to the man, the ritual has left him with the irreversible consequence of a rotting head, making it impossible for him to undergo a haircut.

In his words;

“I used my brain as a sacrifice in order to get rich…

“Now I have to wear a cap for the rest of my life to cover my rotten head…

“The money is coming but I can’t even have a haircut now… I don’t regret it btw.”

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