“My goal is to not have baby mamas like my colleagues” – Chike

Famous Nigerian singer-songwriter Chike has stated that having baby mamas is not something he wants, but he will accept his fate if it does.

Chike made this comment during an an interview with The Cable Lifestyle when he was asked about the practice of celebrities becoming mothers before marriage.

My goal is to not have baby mamas like my colleagues – Chike
Nigerian singer and songwriter, Chike. Source: Google

The “Nakupenda” hitmaker claims that aside from not wanting to be a baby mamas like them, he has no problem with musicians having several relationships with men.

Chike said; “I do not have anything against it; it was not an intentional thing for most people. So yes, you never know. You know when a man and a woman enter a room and turn off the light, you know what will happen. I would say it happens; I mean, if you are having sxx, there is a chance that there will be a product of that sexual relationship, right?

A couple of years ago, it used to be considered taboo, but it does not look like one now. I really do not have any opinion on that. The goal is for that not to happen, but if it happens, we will take it as it is.”

On how he managed to stay out of scandals, the singer said; “I do not know, but what I always tell people is that anything can be scandalous… it just depends on the people involved and how hotheaded they are. So, maybe I have just been lucky to find a middle ground where nobody blows things out of proportion.”