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‘My girlfriend has a black heart’ – Man seeks for advise

Relationship adviser and blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a man who is unhappy about the behaviour of his girlfriend.

According to him, the lady has a black heart as she backbites about her friends despite celebrating them. Many have stated that their female lovers also have a similar behaviour.

Read the story below:

“It’s scaring me, Bro Joro. How yous side? More every. This is Not a relationship or sex issue. My girlfriend is very envious of her friends she is always insulting them Bad bad curses Joro very bad. And the scary part is how she plays with them on phone or in person. When her friends buy anything new she will say they slept with married men for it but she will post on WhatsApp and say congrats. Her friends birthday is dec 1st and she is organizer she is just insulting her anyhow since last week saying she is runs girl, the girls pant smells, she pity her new boyfriend who is paying for everything. When she is talking I will just sit back and look at her like what is this? Is it normal? Should I be worried?”


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