“My father rejected all my suitors” – Single 96-year-old woman with no child cries out (Video)

A 96-year-old single woman, Susanna Nwachukwu has shared her lifelong struggle with singleness, revealing that her father’s staunch adherence to the Catholic faith played a pivotal role in her unmarried life.

Speaking with a female content creator, Nelojosh, Ms. Nwachukwu tearfully recounted her life’s journey, which was marked by the rejection of numerous suitors, all because they were not Catholics.

Ms. Nwachukwu disclosed that her romantic suitors started approaching her as early as elementary school, specifically in fourth grade.

Despite receiving advances from various eligible bachelors, her late father steadfastly refused each proposal due to their non-Catholic affiliations.

In a heartfelt video testimony, Ms. Nwachukwu listed the names of some of her suitors in her native Igbo language.

However, she reiterated that her father’s unwavering desire was to see her married to a fellow Catholic, just as her siblings had done.

When questioned about why she did not defy her father’s wishes, Ms. Nwachukwu explained that, during her youth, it was exceptionally challenging for children to oppose their parents’ decisions.

In her era, such defiance carried significant consequences, and she had no choice but to respect her father’s fervent beliefs.

Ms. Nwachukwu expressed profound regret over the impact of her late father’s actions on her life, highlighting the heavy toll it had taken on her personal happiness and fulfillment.

Despite the odds stacked against her, she managed to find solace and purpose in her work.

During her active years, Ms. Nwachukwu dedicated 21 years and two months of her life to serving in a local hospital in Emekuku.

Netizens Reactions…

@Chika Cynthia Cc said; “She is so beautiful even on her old age. “Tall and elegant. She is also hardworking to have work in oil company and tutor. “You can imagine her in young age. “It still exists till today. I hope we all learn.” 

@Sophia Raph said; “So sad,mama stop crying it’s well. I am not a Catholic my father is a pastor but I got married to a Catholic,today I am enjoying the Catholic Church.”

@Nzewi Enujioke Ngozi said;  “And it’s already late how I much you met her say 30 years ago she would have gone for adoption. But it’s well. A very good lesson for us bc some parents are still doing it now.”

@Eluke Nkem Janefrances said: “This is so emotional Parents please stop making such decisions for your children. There is no church in heaven abeg.” 

@Queensheba Okereke said: “She’s so smart and sound even at her age. It’s all good. By God’s grace I have two women like these I placed on allowance just to make them feel the joy of motherhood.” 

@Paschaline Nwauju said: “Chai, this is so emotional. “I’m a catholic, infact I went to a convent school from js1 to ss3 and now my fiance is an Anglican. Gone are the days when one will say you must marry a catholic, we’re worshipping the same God after all.” 

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