“My dog has eaten all my pants” — Media Personality, Rene cries out

Nigerian media personality, Rene, has taken to Twitter to express her deep frustration regarding her dog devouring all her underwear.

Rene made this revelation on the micro-blogging platform in response to a tweet inquiring how netizens dispose of their old undergarments.

“My dog has eaten all my pants, he doesn't like the old ones” — Media Personality, Rene cries out
Media Personality, Rene

The tweet read, “How do you guys dispose old underwear?”

In her response, Rene disclosed that her dog efficiently takes care of disposing of her panties by consuming them, with a particular focus on the crotch area.

Media Personality, Rene’s dog

Sharing her frustration over her dog‘s behavior, Rene revealed that her furry companion immediately pounces on her undergarments as soon as she removes them.

She wrote,

“Right now it’s peanut. He has eaten all my pants! Every single one. He eats just the crotch and leaves the rest. Oloshi ni Aja yen.

That dog is a bastard! As soon as I remove the pant he’s eating it. He doesn’t even like old one, na the fresh one from lagos heat he likes. I’m tired Walahi. I don’t have pant again.”

Reacting to this, @sir_eji reacted: “Sorry to laugh but the Lagos heat part cracked me tf up. Are you sure your Dog is not someone that picked money on the floor in Lagos Island and turned to a dog?”

@letiny_ stated: “Lol. My Cece did this when she was very young. It’s only the one that has your scent that she’ll chew.”

@adaxbaby said: “I just love how you’re brushing it off because what the hell does a dog being chaotic have to do with hygiene? Dogs eat slippers too maybe our feet smell😂 so silly”

@kwiblinfrankli said: “Madam….rest… Then look in between the lines, look in between the lines…how dog even take get access to Ur pant then as soon as u dey pull am e go chop only d juicy part…. they eat slippers but not just a particular part ma dear”

@ChaoticNeutral commented: “@Rene_noire this is for you. People are saying it smells badly in there. Doh sister”

@fareeda_Ahmed_Q said: “See cute dog! You want to spoil his brand and market😂😂😂😂”

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