“My daughter’s middle name was a name he suggested in their chat” – Man narrates how he found out daughter was not his

Embattled man narrates how he found out about his wife’s infidelity and how his beloved daughter belonged to another man.


According to a narration shared anonymously to the internet space, a husband stumbled on his wife’s chat notification that had a suspicious message while trying to make a call.

Out of curiosity, he decided to take a quick look; lo and behold, the contact saved with a woman’s name turned out to be a chat from a man who has been in touch with his wife even before their first child.

“I picked my wife’s phone to make a call. I had a low battery. There was an unread message from a guy. My wife had saved his name with a lady’s name.
I wasn’t going to open it but because of the nature of the message, I had to read their conversations. The unread message on her screen was {I will do anything for you sweetie}.
I kno a woman can send that message but my instincts were telling me to confirm the gender from their chat. They had a long history chat. And calls. I discovered something that shocked me.
It was from their interactions last year, when my daughter was born. When my wife was in the labor ward, I was leading a presentation for our company.
In fact, when my wife forwarded the picture of my daughter to me on whatsapp, I was about to give a speech at the meeting. I was so excited, I had to announce to everyone I had a daughter. I used FORWARDED because she originally had uploaded the picture to this man and captioned it, (Our baby girl).
I took my phone to scroll to see the time she forwarded the same picture to me after sending it to him. 45 minutes. I was an afterthought. My daughter’s middle name is a name he suggested in their chat,” he wrote.

"My daughter's middle name was a name he suggested in their chat" - Man narrates how he found out that his daughter was not his

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