Kumawood actress, Abena Ghana has recounted how she regretted getting herself involved with women sexually.

Speaking in a recent interview with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’, Abena Ghana said her involvement in the act was a huge mistake as she got involved in the act as a child.

Abena Ghana who is a mother of one strongly believes God wanted to teach her some lessons and that was the reason why He allowed her to toe that line.

However, remorseful Abena Ghana pleaded with people to stop judging her with her past because she’s not proud of it and she is a changed person now.

She added that only God can judge her and she always prays to him for forgiveness.

Abena who was hopeful that God had great plans for her bemoaned that ” A lot of great men had terrible pasts but God still used them to get to where they are now. I am no exception. I know God has great plans for me”.

Watch the full interview below;


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