Ms DSF recounts how man didn’t date her because she lost her mom as a kid

Famed Nollywood actress, Dorcas Fapson popularly known as Ms DSF has shared a story about how a man said he can’t date her after he learned that she had lost her mother when she was a little girl.

She made this known while speaking on the recent podcast of Bants and Bouje which featured Moet Abebe and her co-anchor, Tolanibaj.

ms dsf date man lost mom kid
Ms DSF. Photo source: Instagram.

The man informed her, she said, that he could not date someone who had not grown up in “a two-parent household.”

She said: “The most craziest thing that someone has ever said to me was when I told a guy that I lost my mum as a child and he said he could never date me.

“He said that he can’t date someone who wasn’t raised in a two-parent household. And I get that but could I have prevented my mum from dying? Is that my fault?”

After she recounted this, one of the anchors, Moet Abebe said that she had had similar experience with someone.

“I can relate because someone has also told me that before. The reason was because he was also raised by a single parent. So, according to him, he didn’t want a child from someone with a similar upbringing. That was his excuse but I didn’t think it’s a reasonable excuse,” Abebe stated.

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