“Mr Ibu irreplaceable in Nollywood industry” – Charles Inojie

Nigerian movie director Charles Inojie has described the passing of his colleague Mr Ibu, as an “irreparable loss” to the Nigerian film industry.

He emphasized that appointing the late comic actor alone was sufficient to turn a film into a hit, saying that he is irreplaceable in Nollywood.

Speaking in a recent interview with Channels TV, Inojie said, “There’s sometimes you lose a person in an industry and you say, well, so or so the person would replace him. But Mr Ibu is irreplaceable. Mr Ibu spears with every part of his body.

"Mr Ibu irreplaceable in Nollywood industry" – Charles Inojie
Movie actor and director, Charles Inojie. source: Google

He is probably one of the few people in Africa who would sit without saying anything would communicate a million messages with his facial expressions, body language and gestures without verbalising just one word of dramatic dialogue. That doesn’t come cheap. We are going to miss that.

“You have John [Okafor], you have a blockbuster”, Charles added.

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