Mother roars in pain as daughter mistakenly pour away her stew

Mother roars at her daughter in pain as she mistakenly pours away freshly cooked pot of stew.

The mother ran into the sitting room holding a clean turning spoon and was making sounds of lamentation.

Mother daughter stew
Mother upset.

When her older daughter asked what happened, she mourned that the younger daughter had poured away the soup she cooked last night.

The younger daughter could be heard begging in the background, but the mother was very upset with her and asked her to leave her sight.

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@Maracy said: “your mum no even shed tears mine go just de cry anyhow and all of us go join if you no cry she will say you’re heartless 😂😂😂😂”

@user3593089901205 remarked: “ur mum still have control ohhh🤣🤣
my mama go dey beat u dey shout🤣🤣🤣”

@ONYINYECHUKWU said: “na me come pour the stew
mom am sorry oo”

@kossyrose🌹💕 commented: “umu chukwu come and rescue her oh”

@bêzzy çhòçó🍫🍫 stated: “I left a bag of okporoko outside and it got drenched by rain. Omo even me sef follow my mama dey cry🤣🤣”

@Chrisbella queried: “Onyi why would u cause ur mum such pain?”

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