Mother replies netizens asking why her 1-year-old son can’t talk

A mother has replied some folks who are asking why her 1-year-old son is yet to speak audibly.

The mother known as @aishaodogwu took to her TikTok page to reveal that some people had been asking to know why her son is still yet to speak despite his age.

Mother replies netizens asking why her 1-year-old son can't talk
Mother and her son.

According to her, people are expecting that the 1-year-old son should have known how to say simple words like dada, mama, wee.

She bemoaned the sort of pressure people are mounting on the child and expecting much at such a young age since the little boy is only 1 year and 8 months old.

The mother added that such critical words from people usually leaves her emotional and cause her to go to her close and shed tears.

She said:

“People are asking why my son is not talking yet. That at his age he should be saying something comprehensive. He should be saying dada, mama, wee wee.

One of the problems we have is so much pressure. What do they expect him to be talking at this age? Some of people saying these things don’t even have children.”

Read some comments below:

@Sexxy me said: “My kids started talking at d of 3,then wen I ask my mom Y my child wasn’t talkn yet. She said are u frm same family?her fada is differ from urs so.”

@ifunanya commented: “My baby is 3 months she has started calling me mama but every child is different.”

@Jessica Mirian863 reacted: “My twins started talking at the age of 5. It wasn’t funny at all. But thank God they can communicate perfectly well. He’ll talk at his own pace.”

@favorite said: “My child is 8 months and can call dada very well even mama!Sometimes she call my siblings by their names. Somebody ask me to stop her from talking.”

@Whuraolar reacted: “My first born at the age of 3years plus even I thought he was deaf but not knowing because there is no small kids around him.”

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