Mother of twins causes stir with method of backing both babies at once (Video)

A young mother of twins stirs mixed reactions as she puts on display the method used in backing her children at once.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the extra effort of a nursing mother of two who uses the African method of backing children to put both kids on her back at once.

Mother of twins causes stir with method of backing both babies at once (Video)

The lady was seen putting one of the twins on her back first while emphasizing using separate wrappers. She proceeded by adding the other kid, a girl to her back with a second wrapper while breathing profusely.

The video, however, sparked multiple reactions as many raised concerns about the need to get help other than devising means to cope alone with her twins.

Reactions trailing the mother of twins backing them at once

M’uniquethey wrote: “are not comfortable tho, please i suggest you back one at the back and den use baby carrier at d front instead….god bless all mothers 🙏”

Bruno FernandesI penned: “swear my next world I must still be a man 🤣 I no fit pass through this kind stress”

Nnennaomo stated: “After all this one man go make his mother and siblings,next of kin, or beneficiaries to his resources when he is gone or dead.God help women oo!Avenge”

Lawal Moromoke975 opined: “really 😊😊 I thought you are going to back her for front may you eat the fruit of your labour 🙏🙏🙏”

Toria Lawrence stated: “Mother’s are great 👍 I pray you eat the fruit of your labour 🙏”

user1275530124377 noted: “think say na only inside car ppl dey lap ecen for person back e dey happen. God bless all mothers🤣🤣🤣”

Precious Ihudiya Gab wrote: “see as them stay for back like who dey okada😂😂😂 Sis may God bless u ooo u dey really try.”

Watch the video below …