Viral News Mother narrates what her daughter told her after she saw her with...

Mother narrates what her daughter told her after she saw her with a gun


A lady has narrated how she found her daughter in possession of a gun, after she came back from her school.

Sharing her story, she wrote;

“My daughter has always been respectful so when she gained admission into the polytechnic. I felt she is already a big girl and needs little or no more monitoring, but I was wrong.

Anytime she came home, she was always emphasising on her privacy.

This faithful day after she went out with her friends, I decided to do a thorough home cleaning, invading her privacy.

I felt doing this would make her happy. But I was shocked when I found a gun in her room. I quickly called her father to come and see what I found in his daughter’s room.

Immediately he traveled down to her school since I told him it was a serious situation. He was so surprised and confused saying what would have prompted her to posses a gun.

We took the gun and waited for her to get back. When she came back, she greeted us, suprised to see her daddy. But when she didn’t hear a response, she knew that something was wrong we asked her to sit down.

Then my husband brought out the gun and asked her what prompted her to be in possession of it.

Immediately she began to cry. My husband told her to stop shedding crocodile tears and explaining how she came about possessing a gun. She said it belongs to her boyfriend, who said it is safer with her because no one would suspect her because she is a lady.

I myself began to Cry asking her is this how we trained you. She began to beg saying it was a mistake. My husband said the only way to get her free from this, is to report her boyfriend who gave her the fire arm to the police, because if the police did the findings themselves they wouldn’t believe it does not belong to her.”


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