“Most female celebrities are dating the same men unknowingly” – Ubi Franklin

Popular music executive, Ubi Franklin has said that most female celebrities are dating the same men unknowingly.

Ubi Franklin took to his Snapchat story where he narrated an experience he had recently with an unnamed celebrity.

According to him, he boarded a flight and bumped into a female celebrity with her boyfriend who is the husband of another celebrity. He advised female celebrities to do due diligence before dating a man.

“What’s crazy about our female celebrities is they date the same men unknowingly. I flew with one day from London to Nigeria, and she was with someone’s husband. Not judging anyone, but y’all got to do your due diligence and know who you are dating.

“I know women pushing heavy stuff, and you never see them posting on social media trying to prove nothing. Let’s take it easy. Stay guarded,” he wrote.

This comment from Ubi Franklin comes amid rumored reports that celebrity stylist Mimi Linda Yina, also known as Medlin Boss, is having an affair with her best friend’s husband.


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