Moment ZFancy gets arrested by military officers for allegedly pranking someone (Video)

A viral video on social media captures the moment, popular skit-maker, ZFancy was arrested by military officers while carrying out a prank.

Moment skit-maker ZFancy arrested by military officers for prank

It was gathered that the soldiers whisked him away for allegedly doing an risky prank on someone which caused the military men to arrest him.

In the video, the skit-maker whose content revolves around street pranks, could be seen wearing a white tracksuit and white sneakers, while being escorted by the military men into their Hilux vehicle.

Zfancy arrested by military officers prank

A film director, Paul who filmed the dramatic moment, revealed that his phone was almost seized by the army men who refused to believe that it was just a prank.

Watch the video below (Swipe):

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