Video captures shocking moment rats invade a lady’s room

A Kenyan lady has ignited a social media frenzy after sharing a disturbing video of her house being invaded by rats.

The lady, identified as @chepto770 on TikTok, posted a clip capturing the unsettling sight of five rats.

Moment rats invade a lady's room

In the video, a distressing scene unfolds as five rats navigate through her room, moving from one pot to another before disappearing out of sight.

The footage prompted a flurry of reactions from online spectators, many of whom expressed a mix of concern and humor in response to the lady’s plight.

Netizens Reactions….

Naomy Wilson said; “Spiritual monitors ndo hao.

stevestonesteve said; “this was me when I used to live near a garage let me tell you maina.”

yvonnesideroh said; “not me seriously counting them.”

shikuwamunga said; “atleast you have company in the house.”

mmbone said; “I hope mna share I hope mna share

mchuma ya mbogi said;  “”Deal with these rats because they’re a bad omen for your house, a sign of destruction.”

rentcheptoo770 replied; “I moved out.”

See below;


aky msinijudge😂😂this was my house,, just count how many rats umeona and comment below😂 ,, story inakuja baadaye😂 #kalenjintiktokers #kerichotiktokers

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