Moment police officers give car racers high-speed chase in Kano (Video)

A video capturing police officers engaging in a high-speed chase with car racers in Kano State has surfaced on social media.

The footage, which quickly went viral, shows the daring pursuit that took place after the police attempted to arrest the car racers for engaging in dangerous racing activities that posed a significant threat to the safety of society.

A photo capturing the moment police officers give car racers a hot chase. Photo credit/Source: google

The incident has raised concerns about the rising trend of illegal car racing on the streets of Kano State.

As the video indicates, the police officers made an earnest effort to apprehend the reckless car racers, who showed blatant disregard for public safety by refusing to stop and instead accelerating away from the authorities.

Netizens Reactions…

@henry  said; “For this fuel scarcity please arrest them it’s a crime 😩”
@harry walter123 said; “That police person no sabi drive😂 Hilux na machine o😆”
Nollywood actor @deyemitheactor said; “Fast n Furious – Kano Escape”
@styledby_sazzi said; “Make the guy keep runing, fuel go soon finish for that police motor 😂 🤣
@firstkingfrank said; “If this was in the East, they police would have shot at the guys. You can see there are two different laws in Nigeria 🇳🇬. One for the owners of Nigeria (North) and another for their boys (South).
Try doing this down south (especially in Igbo land) and see how you will be shot multiple times in one minute”
@richbukka said; “If they later catch this one..He’s going to pay for their fuel fess before anything 😂”

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