Moment NDLEA officers ambushed by armed hoodlums protecting illicit Drug Warehouse in Edo

In a daring operation, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officers came under gunfire attack in an ambush by armed hoodlums defending illicit drug warehouses in Opuje forest, Edo State.

The intense encounter, captured in a video shared online, unfolded as the anti-drug agents pushed forward to dismantle the criminal network operating in the region.

The spokesperson for the NDLEA, Femi Babafemi, confirmed the incident and revealed that the officers displayed remarkable courage during the ambush.

The shared video documented the harrowing moment when the NDLEA officers faced gunfire from the armed hoodlums.

According to Babafemi, the NDLEA officers engaged in a fierce two-hour gun battle with the assailants, eventually managing to overpower them.

Despite the challenges posed by the well-armed criminals, the anti-drug agents demonstrated resilience and commitment to their mission.

The confrontation resulted in casualties on the NDLEA side, with three officers sustaining severe injuries.

One of the injured officers underwent brain surgery due to the extent of the injuries sustained during the firefight.

The spokesperson did not provide further details about the condition of the injured officers.

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