Moment Moses Bliss’s father-in-law gives him keys to his UK home

A trending video shows the heartwarming moment Moses Bliss’s father-in-law hands him keys to his UK home during their wedding.

The gospel singer’s marriage has become a talk of the town and events from it has impressed many individuals who are debating over several aspects of the marriage.

Moses Bliss's father-in-law House UK
Moses Bliss. Photo source: Twitter.

A scene from the wedding shows the moment Moses Bliss’s father-in-law gave him his house keys.

During the ceremony, the father-in-law narrated how he used to call in the past before visiting.

He stated that he wants to give him keys to their house so he never has to call before coming, and he can drop in and stay whenever he wants.

Read some comments from netizens:

@lajalivinlarj said: “You go think say Moses bliss sef no be gold digger.”

@Godwin_DGenius said: “I hope say all those girls weh de find man weh get 5million for account watn their papa mate the do”

@IkeokwuChidozie said: “This thing is getting clearer. It must be bliss”

@Joan_Afc said: “People who have been dating for 12yrs are in the comments section angry 😂😂

Be happy for this couple.”

@Roy_O_Brion said: “Moral: marry a rich girl 😜😜💞😜”

Watch the video below:

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