Moment Lagos residents hurriedly pack their properties out of mansion due to be demolished in 2 hours

Residents of a building located on the mainland in Lagos State found themselves in a race against time as they hurriedly removed their properties from their homes, which were slated for mass demolition by the state government.

The affected individuals took to social media to express their grievances, revealing that they were granted a just two-hour window to salvage their possessions before the demolition was set to take place.

The abrupt and forceful eviction left many scrambling to secure their valuables and find temporary shelter.

Among the affected residents is an individual who, shockingly, paid a substantial sum of N1.7 million just one month ago to secure a place in the now-condemned building.

The abruptness of the demolition notice has left this individual, along with others, grappling with the financial burden of securing alternative accommodation on short notice.

The Lagos State government has marked several buildings for mass demolition, citing reasons that remain undisclosed at the time of reporting.

The video footage shared online captures the chaotic scenes as residents, laden with their properties, vacate the building in a race against time.

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