Moment caucasian lady requests for photo with Portable, asks him to carry her baby

Popular singer, Portable brags about his international status as a Caucasian lady requests for a photo with him carrying her baby.

The singer shared the video from his recent visit to Italy on his Instagram page.

Caucasian lady portable photo
Portable and Caucasian fan.

The Caucasian lady was seen carrying her baby in the stroller when she spotted the music star.

Apparently, the lady, who recognized who he was, was starstruck to see him.

She requested for a photo and asked the singer if he could hold his baby while the take the photo.

Portable bragged that he is now an international artist while sharing the video on his page.

“Akoi Grace. International Zazuu,” he wrote.

Comments form netizens:

king__dren135 said: “Who dey always style this boy they can do better nah”

team_abel said: “Even oyinbo babies understand GRACE”

officialskyz said: “Elizabeth Joyce with the grace”

zerotwo_Ofour said: “Who dey style this dude cos”

kallystouch said: “Grace speaks louder than hard work”

edo_celebrities said: “Ika of Africa & if you’re an upcoming artist, emulate Portable he get why”

official_doctor_zo said: “Ika of African! #brotherhood”

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