Moment bride’s brother cries a river during his sister’s wedding

Bride’s brother gets emotional, breaks down in tears during sister’s wedding despite telling her to find a husband because he was tired of her.

The young man could not hold back his tears as his sister was given away to her new family.

Many members of their family found it very hilarious, especially considering their funny history.

Moment bride’s brother cries a river during his sister’s wedding
The bride’s brother.

Apparently, the brother had been asking her to find a husband and promised not to cry if she eventually gets married.

Here are netizens reactions to the video

desire_wears_accessories wrote: “If na me be the sister I must give the person that captured him for me extra food”

deola_beauty_haven_ noticed: “The fake smile at the end 😂 He surely misses her already❤️”

yesimprettyoma stated: “Na only mouth dem get, whereas they love you to the moon and back 🥰😂😂❤️”

lolade_casual said: “Baba wan maintain his composure but he couldn’t help but cry 😂😂😂❤️”

eghe_tricia reacted: “I will use this video and taunt you forever, even your grand children will see it 😂😂😂😂”

dwise_d claimed: “Bro fall my hand, threw his steeze into the dustbin 🥲, composure nko, zero, omo i understand how he feels sha, steeze no dey work for these kind thingsooo, especially if she is your play mate and person wey dey understand you for house very well”

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