Moment bride arrives school in wedding gown to write her final exam

Bride causes commotion as she storms her school wearing her wedding gown to write her final exam before heading to her wedding ceremony.

For some reason, the wedding date and the exam date of a bride got fixed on the same day and the lady had no choice but to do both.

bride wedding exam gown

In a video that was shared on social media, the bride was seen wearing her white flowing gown as she made her way to the exam hall.

Students found the sight unusual, and they all brought out their phones to record her.

Read some comments below:

Havillah 💖💖💖 said: “Why she go fix wedding on her finals”

Adukeh11 said: “I guess they have fixed the wedding date before the school exam”

SlimJoe said: “she run two projects in just one day… (Wedding and Final Exam). Success is your reward jare”

Symplykylie said: “Wetin I wan ask now her lecturer allow her write exam with that uniform?”

Obim said: “She fit even use the gown carry EXPO😅😅”

Watch the video below:



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