Milan qualify for Supercoppa after thrashing Cagliari, helps Lecce avoid relegation

Following Saturday’s Serie A results, Milan have qualified for the Supercoppa Italiana, while Lecce are relieved as they avoid relegation.

Milan’s thrashing of Cagliari 5-1 at San Siro, helped sealed their spot in the Supercoppa Italiana, coupled with Frosinone’s 5-0 defeat to Inter on Friday night.

Lecce can also breathe sigh of relief, as they are now safe from relegation, with guarantee of an extended stay in the Serie A next season.

Meanwhile, Salernitana’s fate is sealed as they face relegation, with two more spots to be decided in the final rounds.

Milan qualify for Supercoppa after, helps Lecce avoid relegation after thrashing Cagliari
Milan will earn more, if they maintain their second position tlll the end of the season – Getty image

The Supercoppa Italiana tournament has been expanded to include both the winners of the Scudetto and Coppa Italia, along with the runners-up of those competitions.

Even if Juventus manage to catch up to Milan in the Serie A second place, they are already qualified for the Supercoppa as Coppa Italia finalists.

Inter’s Scudetto title win is already a guarantee for their participation in the Supercoppa, alongside Milan.

For Milan, participation in the Supercoppa Italiana brings financial benefits, with semi-finalists expected to earn at least €1.6 million.

The stakes increase to €5 million for the losing finalist and €8 million for the winners.

Additionally, Milan’s pursuit of second place in Serie A holds other benefits beyond the Supercoppa.

It will help them secure a larger share of the market pool in the revenue distribution for the expanded UEFA Champions League in the 2024/25 season.

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