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Mercy Johnson use a water hose as a gun in a fun shooting session with her kids (Video)

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie in a viral video is seen having fun with her kids during a shooting session using a water hose as a gun.

The celebrity is one of the few stars out there that’s loved up by her fans without any controversy. Even as she has continued to melt the hearts of Nigerians with her constant show of love to her family.

The mother of four in a viral video has proved that celebrities and even career women could still create time for their family and kids.

Mercy Johnson kids shooting

The short clip uploaded by Mercy Johnson shows how she was playing with her kids with a water hose as she portrayed it as a gun shooting at them in their compound. Mercy and her kids were also seen sliding on the slippery floor.

The celebrity aimed and shot at herself afterward, she slid on the ground and played dead.

Mercy Johnson kids shooting

Mercy Johnson Okojie took to her Instagram page to ask her fans to rate her dying game in the playful video.

In her words; “We scatter the house. Rate my dying game“.

Watch the video below:

Here’s how people are reacting;

Mercy Johnson kids shooting

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