Mercy Eke’s sister reveals certificate to prove she was born in 1993

Popular reality star, Mercy Eke’s sister digs out her birth certificate to prove that she was born in 1993.

This comes after she reportedly shared an international passport which showed her birth date to be 1989.

Mercy Eke's sister birth certificate 1993
Mercy Eke. Photo source: Instagram.

Mercy Eke’s sister has sought to put critics and doubters to silence as she showcases her certificate.

A video she shared shows her exhuming the certificate from her box and sorting it out amongst other certificates.

Read some of the netizens reactions:

@Poshchi said: “So where did her sister get the 1989 DOB on her passport that she posted and deleted?🌚🤭🤭”

@fairy_duststash wrote: “Which kind new birth certificate be that?”

@omobenny said: “Totally unnecessary. She has nothing to prove, she owes no one any explanation”

@essa_ stated: “Issued in 2003 😂. Are we playing here? Who doesn’t know you can get birth certificate from a hospital and get the age you want written on it? . Easily written with a pen 😂. One person has 4 different ages, why are you afraid to get older? Why the deceit?”

Watch the video below:

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