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Mercy Eke plays dumb to a bank scammer who called her on phone to reveal her bank details (Video)

Big Brother Naija Winner, Mercy Eke in a viral video uploaded on social media was seen playing dumb to a bank scammer who called to request her bank details.

Mercy Eke Bank scammer

The trend of fraudsters calling people via phone numbers and trying to snuff out sensitive bank information from them is still in vogue. Many have fell victims and many have continued to fall victim and become more targets of scammers.

In their act, they call random numbers using a specific bank account, telling you that your bank account has one or two issues that need to be rectified and be solved briefly online only by revealing a password or an OTP.

Mercy Eke Bank scammer

Once done, such a victim’s account is wiped for good. Hence, banks have continued to advise their customers never to divulge sensitive details to anyone pretending to be a staff of their bank.

Well, Mercy Eke became a target today, unknown for the caller, he’s in for a long ride as Mercy dribbles him and urges him to “go back to school”.

Watch a video of the encounter:

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