Meet Bhadie Kelly, the Togolese TikTok star turning heads of Nigerians (Video)

Tiktok kelly bhadie NigeriansNigerians, especially the male folks can’t stop drooling over the dark-skinned and curvy TikTok star, Bhadie Kelly whose videos appear to be mindblowing to them.

The Togolese lady who is currently receiving immeasurable accolades and encomium from Nigerian men is known for her short TikTok twerk videos while donning skimpy and body-hugging outfits that put her curves on display.

Tiktok kelly bhadie Nigerians

Lately, the lady became a viral internet sensation following a twerk video of hers that went viral and has left Nigerians clamouring for more clips.

Kelly who is identified on the video-sharing app as @bhadie.kellyy began making such videos in November 2021 and following the hype by Nigerians, she grew from about 300K followers to over 900K followers.

Tiktok kelly bhadie Nigerians

While the male folks are applauding her videos and body, some ladies seem not to be comfortable with Kelly’s drastic media dominance.

Currently, Kelly has over 1 million views on her TikTok videos.

Watch the video that went viral below:

Also, check out a compilation of some of her clips: