Meek Mill reacts to First Lady, Remi Tinubu’s comment on ladies imitating American celebrities

American rapper Meek Mill has weighed in on First Lady Remi Tinubu‘s recent comments about Nigerian ladies who emulate the fashion styles of American celebrities.

Recently, the First Lady of Nigeria, Remi Tinubu spoke about how Nigerian young girls have abandoned their cultures to emulate American celebrities.

Meek Mill
Meek Mill.

According to her, nakedness is not a part of the Nigerian culture and the children needs to be salvaged.

In reaction, Meek Mill took to his X page to declare that black men in America hate ladies who show off their bodies, calling it a turn off.

He wrote: “black men in America hate it … it’s actually a turn off!!”

Check out some reactions below

Boodro said: “How many naked women you have in your vids? How come you didn’t walk out of Diddy freak offs if it’s a turn off?”

TVEMiks stated: “Damn everyone has such a bad view of black Americans, that’s wild.”

PHEROW wrote: “America hate it but America can’t cancel “Only Fans” smh 🌚”

Droope said: “Nice to know @MeekMill speaks for the black men in America”

Je’RICO said: “But I thought this was the culture you were trying to protect???”

Goddess Vicki stated: “I mean I can agree but it don’t matter they men still be cheating”


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