How Hushpuppi dented image of Nigerians

Nigerian media personality, Toyosi Godwin has taken to social media to analyze the implications of HushPuppi‘s alleged arrest on Nigerians on the foreign scene.

It should be recalled that GistReel recently reported news of how Nigerian big boy, HushPuppi was allegedly arrested by InterPol over a fraud related case.

Media epert, Toyosi Godwin has now reacted to news of his arrest.

He registered his heartfelt dissatisfaction over the harm Nigerian fraudsters are causing fellow Nigerians in a recent Twitter thread he shared yesterday, June 10.

According to him, the news of HushPuppi’s alleged arrest has made hardworking Nigerians lose foreign business clients.

How Hushpuppi dented image of Nigerians

He also recalled how a certain lady was dismissed from work after Invictus Obi‘s arrest in 2019.

Toyosi revealed he read a story of a Nigerian man who lost five clients because of HushPuppi’s recent news.

The media guru also thought the bad image Nigerians have abroad could be the reason a Canadian company rejected his application.

Toyosi has regretted the fact that most Nigerian freelancers now use VPN to get jobs they won’t get with a Nigerian address.

How Hushpuppi dented image of Nigerians

Writing further, he blamed the Nigerian government for not taking the anti fraud and cyber crime Act seriously.

“They have dented our image big time. Nigerians are no longer trusted to handle huge amount”, he said.

“Now you not only have to fight racism. You have to fight the stigma of being seen as a fraudster” he lamented.

Refer to his Twitter thread below;How Hushpuppi dented image of Nigerians


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