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Mechanic calls out Burna Boy for damaging his car and refusing to help him (Video)


A Nigerian mechanic has called out popular singer, Burna Boy for damaging his car and refusing to acknowledge or apologize for his actions.

Sharing photos and videos from the scene, the victim wrote;

“Hi guy’s Good evening, @burnaboy convoy just hit my Car at Lekki phase 1 around 8:15 PM date Saturday 6 2021. This terrible, I don’t have money for RR but Burna boys told me to fvck off😥😥😥. They all Drove into Vintage park estate by chisco behind Toyota company in Lekki, which I believe they knew I have no access to the Estate.

Please I don’t have Money am just a Mechanic all I want is just let him acknowledge and apologise!! Good evening boss, please Burna boy convoy just hit me at Lekki phase 1, which he’s aware but they all ran into vintage park Estate at along chisco behind Toyota company Lekki, I have all the video recorded.

He’s the one who drove the red RR, he’s full aware bt ignore pls Help rt @burnaboy was the one driving while that guy instruct the rear convoy to Enter Me which I don’t know what it means, Burna boy damage my car. That guy said ENTER THIS MAN, I was afraid that moment, @burnaboy was the one driving his Rolls Royce.”


  1. On 16th September 2018, Burna boy came to Kaduna with his Road manager for an event they organized. They contracted me with security service. His road manager pleaded with me that they do not have money to pay up front for my service because they have used up all their funds for logistics and venue… I contacted my friend who linked us up and she vouched for Burna’s road manager, they said they’ll pay after selling tickets… That was the biggest event i had covered since starting the company early that year and i employed 15 bouncers for that event, bought new kits and hired additional equipments to use for the event. On the day of the event, everything started off well, until mid the event when i asked this guy for payment… From one excuse to another to giving me attitude… the event ended and everything went sour, i told my bouncers to avoid creating a scene in order not to ruin the reputation of the company … To cut long story short, I didn’t get paid for the event and couldn’t pay my employees, I got into problem with some of them working with them for the first time… I had to pay them with my school fees after some months… I became bankrupt and my business came to a halt, it was the first time experiencing such and i fell into depression because it was too much for me to bear at that time, i was only a student trying to make ends meet. I didn’t recover until several months after. called for weeks until I couldn’t reach them no more.I guess that was part of those harsh lessons of life. If you visit my business handle on instagram, IRONSIDE EVENT SECURITY, you’ll notice that event is the last we covered and posted. We are coming back bigger and better…


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