May’s lawyer accuses Yul Edochie of refusing to pay children’s school fees

May Edochie’s legal counsel, Emeka Ugwuonye alleges that her client’s husband, actor Yul Edochie, has stopped providing for their children.

In a video, Ugwuonye alleged that Yul has repeatedly told his children to seek financial support from their mother, claiming she earns more than he does.

Yul May Edochie

The lawyer made these remarks while criticizing Nigerians who compare Yul and May’s marriage to Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels.

He clarified that Nwoko ensured he married his wives under the Customary law, which permits multiple marriages, unlike the Sharia law, which limits a Muslim man to four wives. Nwoko, desiring more wives, chose the law that allowed him to marry an unlimited number.

Ugwuonye further alleged that Judy is conducting a “campaign of calumny and smear” against May; an untrue statement made about someone to reduce other people’s respect and admiration for them.

He said partly, “Something else you people do not understand but you will understand today. Ned is taking care of all is children, paying their school fees, feeding them. Yul is not doing that. Yul is not supporting his children as we speak, at all. Indeed, Yul told his daughter that their mother is making more money than him now. Can you imagine? So you are going into polygamy and you can’t take care of the children? So please don’t compare the two.”

Watch the video below …