Mary Njoku, Williams Uchemba reveal why they’re grateful Nigeria didn’t qualify for World Cup

Nigeria’s failure to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been deemed a blessing in disguise by two Nollywood stars, Mary Njoku and Williams Uchemba.

Reacting to Super Eagles’ unfavourable 1-1 draw with Ghana, actress Mary on her Instagram page noted that she’s grateful Nigeria was disqualified because it would have been a distraction for the youths to focus on the country’s insecurity challenge and its alleged bad government.

In her words: “Thank God we didn’t qualify for the world cup. It would have been a distraction.

“We need to focus on the real problems in Nigeria. And pressure the Govt to do something. An attack on a train! An attack at the airport The insecurity in Nigeria is alarming! No more unnecessary distractions!!!! This needs everyone’s attention!!

Uchemba, who shared the same view on his Instagram page wrote: “Maybe it’s good we lost. So we can channel our anger on the pressing issue in the country.

“Almost 1000 Nigerian citizens cannot be accounted for and people are acting like It’s a normal thing.”


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