Married woman vows to deal with husband’s side chic following public saga

An embattled married woman identified as Tega makes a shocking move after being mercilessly dragged by her husband’s side chic who urged her to leave her marriage.

A Facebook user identified as Tina Baddie had taken to the platform to lambast her lover’s wife, cursing her for being the hindrance between her and the man she loved.

Married woman tega

In response, Tega lambasted the side chic for having such an effrontery to confront her and how disrespectful the move was. She swore to deal with Tina and make sure she never repeats such in her life.

In a lengthy reply to her husband’s mistress, she wrote;

“Tina Baddie I don’t really know why you really felt you have that effontery to come to me publicly to let me leave my husband for you anyway shall be ready to face the consequences.

“1. you are not God that owns my life but If u feel that you have little trick up your sleeves you would get to see the reason why I was named Oghenetega.”

side chic

“2. you have the guts to curse your fellow woman becuase of a man that is not yours, you dont know me and I don’t you but very soon you would have to know that the little bemonic item u think u know that making you think you have that effontery to disturb the peace of me and my mother that trick has failed.

“And to top it all I don get to understand say if una wen b side chick never see strong thing una go think say small juju wen una do de work Wen Me Tega is done with you and your family if you survive am you go give married men chance.”

Married woman fumes after being publicly disgraced by husband's side chic

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