Marriage at the point of collapse as ailing wife invites ex to husband’s house after refusing checkup from mother-in-law

Young lady cries out for advice following her husband‘s reaction after inviting her ex-boyfriend who is a doctor to their house for a medical checkup.

The embattled wife had a boil around her privates which triggered a visit from her mother-in-law whom she refused to undress for over her shyness.

The lady, however, invited her ex-boyfriend to the house with whom she is comfortable undressing and was caught in the process by her mother-in-inlaw.

Read the full narration below …

“Good evening Ceetee. I have a boil on my anus. A big painful boil. I called my husband and complained. We are in a different state because of work. I didn’t know that my husband told his mum and she visited to check me. She not a doctor but she said I can used grinned beans, red oil and akanwu.

I refused her check up and told her I can’t open my nakedness for her. She left that same day cos her house isn’t too far from ours. After two days, the pain was still disturbing me and I informed my ex boyfriend who is a medical doctor. He invited me to his clinic but I told him I will prefer he come to my house.

Ceetee, I was lying down on my couch, removed my pant and raised my gown up. He was examining me and coincidentally, my mother in law entered. I didn’t lock the door cos I wasn’t expecting anybody and the procedure won’t even take time according to him.

Now, I don’t know what my mother in law told his son. My husband has not picked my call for two days. I remember he has warned me to cut all ties with my ex but Ceetee, this is a medical issue for Christ’s sake.

My husband sent me a text and told me to pack my things and go back to my ex that he is coming on Saturday and wouldn’t want to see me in his house. Please house, who overreacted here?”

Marriage at the point of collapse as ailing wife invites ex to husband's house after refusing checkup from mother-in-law

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