Mark Angel opens up on how Davido solved a serious problem he had with Emmanuella

Comedian, Mark Angel, has revealed an intriguing story of how artist Davido intervened and solved a pressing matter he had with Emmanuella.

During an exclusive interview with Music Base Africa, Mark Angel vividly detailed the outrage sparked by Emmanuella’s outfit decision, which quickly catapulted her into the center of a social media storm under the heated hashtag “She is 13.”

Recall that social media users dragged the 13-year-old protégé and comedienne, Emanuella Samuel over her choice of dressing and some videos she shared online.

According to the comedian, he gave Emmanuella a piece of his mind and advised her to give out her steamy costumes, but she ignored his advice and continued to dress seductively.

Mark Angel opens up on how Davido solved a serious problem he had with Emmanuella
Comedian and skit maker, Mark Angel..

Mark Angel claimed that later on, Davido called Emmanuella and communicated his thoughts on the significance of her dressed adequately and maintaining a nice appearance.

He stated that Davido’s influence was quite powerful, as Emmanuella underwent a tremendous metamorphosis, opting to cease to wear visible clothing.

Mark Angel concluded by expressing his surprise, admitting that Emmanuella took the severe step of burning all of her exposing garments the very next day after Davido’s call.

His words:

Davido helped me overcome a potential problem that already seemed inevitable. Emmanuelle is growing up and like every girl child, she has started making some personal decisions about her life that aren’t too easy to control. 

“There was a time she was under fire for putting on revealing outfits and posting on social media. I advised her to change her entire wardrobe but she was a bit adamant. 

“She continued doing things her way until Uncle Davido called us on a video call and advised Emmanuella on the importance of decency. Emmanuella quickly took the advice… probably because it came from her favorite artiste haha.

“She burnt most of her clothes the next day. I was surprised. Still thankful to Davido”


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